Southern California rockers Incubus are hard at work at a new album. The Calabasas-based band released an EP titled Trust Fall (Side A) back in May 2015, and had thoughts of a follow-up EP but apparently those were scrapped in favor of a full-length, which would be their first since 2011’s If Not Now, When?.


Well, news is starting to trickle out regarding the new album and their touring plans. It seems that this summer the band will hit the road with Jimmy Eat World (who also announced some big tour dates of their own recently) on a North American tour, according to some leaked tour dates that circulated on Monday. The full information regarding that has yet to be revealed on an official basis, though.


In terms of what is official, however, Incubus will premiere their new single, “Nimble Bastard,” on February 16. According to KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, the new single and the new record overall is a “return to their roots,” creatively, which should be a sentence that excites fans that have wished for the band to go back to the guitar-heavy sound of their earlier albums.


Stay tuned…




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Your venue in Anchorage is confusing. It's listed as the MooseTooth Pub but I think it's actually at the BearTooth Theatre. They are related or owned by the same organization but you may have people showing up at the wrong place. 

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Been a loyal, loving, and estatic fan of this band for over 20 years now...and this might be the first show in the Detroit area (including Chicago, Cincinnati, and Cleveland) that I'm not going to. This will probably go on def ears, but venues like DTE music Theatre are somewhat a slap in the face for those fans that have been there for over 20 years that like to not pay $300 a ticket to see their favorite band. The alternative is sitting 300 ft away where actually getting to see the band becomes obsolete. This sucks...and I don't think the bands that continue to play at these venues with the pavilion seating, understand the frustration...or just don't care, and I'm giving my beloved most favorite band credit. I've been blessed to meet these guys and they're some of the coolest, nicest human beings you'll ever come across. Hope everyone enjoys...#heartbrokenfan